Welcome to the homepage for the Midwest Jewish Studies Association!

Our organization has been in existence since 1988, and was created with the intention to bring scholars of Jewish Studies together in a more friendly, and less-stressed environment than attending one of the bigger conferences each year. While our focus is predominantly on Jewish Studies within the traditional American Midwest, we welcome scholars and scholarship from all aspects of Jewish Studies–History, Anthropology, Religion, Film Studies, English, Music, etc.–and by scholars from across the globe.




First Panel of our 2020 virtual conference:

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  1. Michael C. Steiner

    I am a retired professor of American Studies now living in Cincinnati , and I have recently published a book that is directly relevant to the mission of the Midwestern Jewish Studies Association. My book is: Horace Kallen in the Heartland: The Midwestern Roots of American Pluralism (University Press of Kansas, 2020). I’m hoping that you will list this book, so relevant to your purposes, on your website. I would be happy to receive further information about your association. I will attach a link to my book below.


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